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Updates: New Videos, Secret Lieder, and baby's first Verdi!

Starting 2022 with a bang (in a good way)

Hello! It's time to share some news now that the new season of performances is upon us. Auditions loom as they always do, but for now I have three bits of news:

First is the not-so-positive news that I will not be singing Danilo in St Albans Chamber Opera's Merry Widow after all. After a company review following the spike in omicron-variant cases, SACO decided they could not conscionably continue with the performance in March, and instead decided to postpone to later this year. After doing some reflecting of my own, I  decided that I will not be a part of that performance, since my voice is heading in a rather lower and deeper direction unsuited to the baritenor role of Danilo. The company were very understanding, and I hope I can work for them in the future. 

Now for some good news: first is that I will be giving a recital this Saturday morning at Morden College. Unfortunately, this will not be open to general members of the public to protect its residents, but I hope that the performance of Clara Schumann and Amy Beach with Thomas Ang (piano) and Rachel Watson (cello) will pave the way for further collaboration, so watch this space!

Finally, I am very excited to be able to announce my first experience of performing Verdi, in La Traviata no less. On 2 July 2022 at St Andrews Church, E11 1JD, I will be singing the Baron and Marquis as well as chorus work in a concert performance with Singers Unite. Verdi has long been one of my favourite operatic composers and I am very excited to get to grips with these vital smaller roles. 

As I say, audition season is coming up, so more work may well be added, but I think this is a very promising start. 

If you'd like to hear how I'm sounding, check out my videos/media section for two new clips.

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